Local & Long Distance

Whether you are moving from a studio or a single family home, our professional team can you from here to there quickly.

Packing & Unpacking

Custom packaging services for your specific needs, whether it's packing up the whole house of just the closet, we'll have it boxed up and ready to go.

Specialty Items

Pianos? Treadmills?... no problem! Large, bulky and heavy, we'll do whatever it takes to move the item safely and securely.

“Moving is a very personal matter and we will go out of our way to accommodate your move. Every item and box will be treated as our own and will be carefully transported for you.” – Genuine Movers

We as a moving company understand this is a very exciting but often hectic time for you and your family and as such we will help to minimize any inconveniences it may cause. You have the experience and professionalism of our team on hand as well as the reputation of our company and the recommendations of our customers.

Residential Moving

We are a professional moving company specialize in moving apartments, condos and single family homes safely and securely. No job is too small for our team.

In-Home Moves

Sometimes you just need to move some furnishings inside the house from one room to another or up a flight of stairs. We can send our professional movers to you without a truck to help you move.

Long Distance Moving

We specialize in moving within the state (MA) or between states. We offer fixed rates and dedicated transportation with next day service to most areas in New England.

Careful Moving

Our professionals will make sure that special care is given to all items and furnishings. Although we are insured, we don't like to take advantage of this policy.

Move Management

We have a dedicated staff to provide accurate estimates and logistics to the movers. Coordination is key to make sure we work efficiently for you.

Hard Working

Moving is not easy and not for everyone and we are very proud of the work we have done. Everyone of our movers is professional, courteous, works effectively and hard.

No Job Too Small

Do you need to move the treadmill out of the basement? How about the old fridge to the garage? Call us for today for a free estimate.

No Job Too Big

We specialize in moving your possessions carefully and quickly but also know when to ask for help. Good thing we have excellent partners to refer you to for the extra large (cross country move).

We Are Professionals

We are professionals but we are also family, husbands, wives, brothers and sisters. We are proud and stand behind our word and hard work. Your satisfaction and our reputation is at stake.

We Are Experienced

This isn’t our first move and this will be evident in our approach. There is a fine balance between being quick and careful and we always like to err on the careful. We strive for 100% satisfaction.

We Are Family Owned

We work closely with one another and will take the same approach to you. This is a family business and we would like to keep it personal offering a service directly to you without the need for board and stockholder oversight.