No Hidden Fees

The moving industry is ripe with fees, from rolls of tape, blankets, taxes, elevators, parking, assembly, equipment and flights of stairs, just to name a few. We’ve seen everything, and we don’t like them.

If you hire us at the hourly rate, you can expect that it is inclusive of all the necessary equipment we have on hand and anything required to safely move you out and into your new home.

We may not be the cheapest in the industry, but we are fair, extremely hard working and want to make sure your expectations are set 100% prior to the move and there are exactly zero surprises in the end.

We understand the stress of moving and that when we leave the hard part of unpacking is just beginning for you. We want to leave you satisfied, energized and prepared for the next few weeks of making your new house a home.

Here is a list of some of the fees that we don’t employ with hourly rates:

  • NO taxes
  • NO fees for flights of stairs
  • NO fees for blankets/wrapping/tape
  • NO fees for extra drop-offs/pick-ups
  • NO dis/assembly fees
  • NO moving equipment rental fees
  • NO night/weekend/holiday fees
  • NO large item fees

There are several items excluded from the hourly moving rate including, pianos, grandfather clocks, pool tables, safes and some others as they are extremely heavy, require special equipment, fragile, expensive or all of the above. These are classified as specialty items for which we’d be happy to provide a quote.